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Factions Rules

on Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:38 pm

1.0 Abuse of faction commands / vehicles / weapons

Any form of abuse of faction equipment is highly prohibited. This includes abusing faction commands to harass another player / faction member(i.e excessive ticketing, killing players to gain money from delivers, abusing /take, massive casefiling on the same player, selling in-game positions for in real life money). Faction members are not allowed to use their equipment(weapons and vehicles) while off duty unless undercover. Further abusive behavior results into a termination from the faction, this also includes the hitman agency.


1st time - 60 minutes of prison + removal from faction.

1.1 Abuse of broadcast functions (/gov, /nr, and /live)

Any use of out-of-character language or any abusive language which is not meant to be said in public broadcast functions is punishable. Members which are found violating this rule will be set to be terminated from the faction and fined 10% of their wealth.


1st time - 10% fine
2nd time - 20% fine + removal from faction.

1.2 Abuse of faction in-character frequencies(/d and /r)

Any use of out-of-character language or any abusive language which is not meant to be said in those frequencies is punishable. Members which are found violating this rule will be punished as it goes:


1st time - 7% fine
2nd time - 10% fine + 30 minutes jail
3rd time - 15% fine + removal

1.3 Charge Stacking

Charge stacking is placing false charges on a player, or repeating the same charge over and over again on the player in order to harass him. Such violation will be result in an immediate prison. Further offenses will result in a removal from the faction.


1st time - 45 minutes of prison
2nd time - 60 Minutes of Prison + Removal from the faction

1.4 Non - Roleplay detaining

Faction members are not allowed to detain suspects in other vehicles that are not owned by the Government(e.g LSPD Cruiser is a vehicle owned by Government, a random Sabre isn't) AND/OR are not allowed to detain in two-door vehicles(e.g. the Turismo from the Garage, even though it is owned by Government) FBI are an exception to this rule.


1st time - 35 minutes of prison
2nd time - 60 minutes of prison
3rd time - removal from the faction

1.5 Faction Tension

Starting a fight / killing another faction member(Includes own faction members) for personal interest / gain is considered as faction tension. Those players causing such trouble will be immediately removed from their faction. This rule also includes creating public player/faction complaints on faction players.


1st time - 60 minutes of prison + removal

1.6 Leadership Powers

Any abuse of leadership power leads into a permanent removal of faction. Every person who has a leadership flag is responsible for it, they are not allowed to invite hackers or people who will harm the faction purposely.
A leader is not allowed to mislead his fellow faction members to break rules(Faction Tension, Charge Stacking, DM etc..) faction members are allowed to fill up a complaint against their director / chief / commissioner and if the complaint then results into being valid the said person will be terminated from his faction and set to be permanently banned from having ANY leadership powers within factions.


1st time - 60 minutes of prison + removal from faction + permanently banned from having any leadership powers within factions

1.7 Corruption

A faction player may only be corrupted if there's a second person who offers him a sum of monetary support or something else.

Things that a corrupted faction member is allowed to do:

Release a suspect
Leak private information
Delete casefiles
Plant drugs into a player in order to charge him

NOTE: Killing other random players / faction members for no reason at all just for being corrupted or being paid to kill is not allowed and is considered as DM.


1st time - 60 minutes of prison + removal from faction

1.8 Backup calls and the use of tazers.

RK rule applies for every faction member even if there's a backup call you cannot return to the same place you died(doesn't include turfs). Faction members may only RK in their own headquarters if there's an active combat going on.
Tazers cannot be used every time an faction member decides to. This is also includes tazing players after you've respawned from the hospital, in order to taze a player you must have your daily equipment on you(uniform,weapons,badge unless you are undercover).


1st time - 30 minutes of prison

1.9 Joining factions when level 3 reached.

Joining a faction when below level 3 is not allowed. This is so that you are familiar with the server as well as having decent knowledge about the factions. There are no exceptions on this rule and will be enforced at any time.


1st time - Removal from faction

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