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Points Rules

on Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:56 pm
Gang Management

Points are Out-Of-Character

-You must always wear bandana whilst attending point.

-You must wear your gang skin whilst attending point.

-Do not exploit any animation within the boundaries of an active point.

-CS Is not allowed, Quickswapping is not allowed. Quickshooting is not allowed

-Do not Invite while PW is Coming (xx:45)

-Double Capture is not allowed or else will get strike.

-Out Of Bounds will get Jail for (30) Minutes or Strike.

-Cheat/Hack are not allowed or else u will get Ban / Strike / Disbanned.

-If R6's/2 R5s was Jail for Rule Breaking and you demote his rank for Temp your Gang will be Strike

Sign By:Noriel Oledan (OLE)
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